Anthony William Percival Arkwright III, Esquire

Absalom Scholar


Few clerics have the academic reputation worn by Anthony William Percival Arkwright III. Yet Anthony attends no church, and even the scholars of the Arcanamirium have cast him out.​


Events of Dragon Watch

Season Three: The Other Gods

The Initiative met Anthony in Illmarsh, a fellow traveler and customer at the Hoary Fish Inn. Anthony saw through their disguises and was immediately intrigued by their true purpose in Illmarsh, but he swore to keep their secret. When investigating his quarters, Orin discovered Anthony’s alignment to be chaotic good.

Anthony eventually revealed himself to be on poor terms with the Arcanamirium, where he had tenure, after his pursuit of the cults of the Dominion of the Black and their Black Truth.​ This gave him the opportunity to aid our heroes in Illmarsh, however, and he was with them during their confrontation with the gillman, Hagen, Apostate Gharol, and eventually Chevaghol herself.

After the confrontation with Chevaghol, Anthony found himself aboard the Titanis with our heroes as they pondered their next moves. He offered Orin a sponsorship at the Arcanamirium, and he was invited to stay with the group for the time being afterwards. He eventually returned to Absalom and the Arcanamirium with Orin and Astrid and spent his time with Astrid researching.​


Anthony William Percival Arkwright III, Esquire

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