Bradoc Skyking

Kraggodan Lieutenant



Lieutenant in the Kraggodan Militia. Was lost in the Mindspin Mountains after being ambushed by orcs, until the party rescued him.

Bradoc is one of the Skyking “princes” – a noble but not an actual prince.

Bradoc believes Kraggodan is under imminent threat from an orc invasion and works tirelessly to convince his family and the monarchy of the danger.

Season One

Bradoc asked the players to check in with dwarven outposts in the Kraggodan wilds and report on orc activity to him and the King.

Season Two

Stayed to defend Kraggodan after King Iogan ordered Kraggodan’s armies east to face Molthune’s army. Fought with the party against the orc rider and the bulette siege beast.

Currently being considered by the party as the new king of Kraggodan.

Bradoc Skyking

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