Duraga Steelsworn

First General Lord of Molthune


​Duraga Steelsworn is Molthune’s First General Lord. He led a devastating campaign against Nirmathas during the Dead War, but his ambitions and work was overshadowed by the pompous General Lord, Agard Habbraxis, and his necromancer ally, Nochen Valmugen.​


Events of Dragon Watch

Season Three

​Our heroes encountered Molthune’s First General Lord ​during their short stint in Korholm. Duraga was in no way friendly to the group, but his distaste was overruled by his eagerness to send them on their way from his city. He revealed the movements of the Technic League to the group, and ensured they obtained the information they needed. And so our heroes parted ways with Duraga as quickly as they had entered into them – and it would be hard to overstate the satisfaction brought to both parties by this.

Duraga Steelsworn

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