Agard Habbraxis

General Lord of Skelt (Deceased)


Race: Half-Orc
Age: 60’s
Physical Description: Dark green skin, brown eyes, black hair.
Abilities: His staple weapon is his urumi, a long, bladed whip, and his appearance is typically shrouded in armor. By far his greatest weapon is the Canorate Covenant, the band of killers who follow him into battle.


Agard Habbraxis was the General Lord in the Molthune military and leader of the elite warriors, the Canorate Covenant. After the invasion, he constructed an underground prison beneath the city in order to find a powerful weapon. When Fin and his allies confronted him, he claimed to have already found the weapon and sent it to the lich, Nochen Valmugen.

He engaged the party in combat in the prison. After the elf archer, Goleguil, was killed, he became enraged and revealed himself to be a half-orc and attempted to kill Fin in revenge. He was mortally wounded in the fight, however, and confessed to finding the weapon. He told the party they could find Nochen underneath Fort Ramgate, in “his laboratories”, but insisted that Nochen could not be truly killed.

While he spoke, Fin, exasperated, slit his throat. Habbraxis died shortly after.

Agard Habbraxis

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