Hibok Marbleaxe



​Hibok Marbleaxe is a dwarven gunsmith and friend to Hudson Graves. Hailing from Kraggodan, he was tutored by Hudson’s uncle, Rond Wolfe, until the man was murdered by the Technic League. He blamed himself for years, but he found restitution with Amber Wallace and Hudson Graves. Ever since, he has dedicated himself to improving his craft to aid the gunslingers in their fight against the Technic League.


​Hibok was born and raised in the Rat’s Nest, an underprivileged child who never knew his mother and was raised by a father who cared little for him beyond his ability to make a copper coin off his work. When his father made an enemy of the Hollow Men, the pair were attacked in his father’s shop. His father was killed, and Hibok injured, losing vision in his right eye. Nevertheless, the young dwarf escaped, traveling to the upper district of Kraggodan where he was taken in by Rond Wolfe.

The human blacksmith recognized Hibok’s talent and helped the young dwarf to hone is craft. Yet as Hibok advanced, he began to suspect that Rond was holding back. Jealous and bitter, he became convinced that Rond feared Hibok’s own skill. When the man took ill, Hibok ignored him, taking the opportunity to run the smith himself.

Eventually, his conscience rebuked him, and he took the ailing Rond to the local clerics. They were unable to save him, and although the truth was that Rond had been infected with an incurable technovirus by a Technic League assassin, Hibok blamed his delayed charity for Rond’s death.

It was years before Hibok allowed himself to review Rond’s notes. Once he did, he discovered another heart-breaking truth: Rond was a gunslinger. He had been holding back from Hibok, not out of jealously, but out of a desire to later tutor the dwarf in the art of gunsmithing.

Resolving himself to fulfill Rond’s legacy, Hibok undertook to learn gunsmithing as best he could from Rond’s notes.

When Amber Wallace came to town years later, Hibok recognized her for what she was. He avoided telling her the truth of Rond out of a shame, revealing only that he was gone. Amber stayed long enough to clean and repair her own guns before hitting the road once more. Once again, Hibok was alone.​

Events of Dragon Watch

​Hudson Graves meets the eclectic blacksmith, Hibok Marbleaxe, in Kraggodan. The blacksmith has a unique talent too: he is skilled in the art of crafting firearms.

Hudson eventually learns from Hibok that he was not the first gunslinger to visit Kraggodan recently. Hibok directs Hudson to the Thunder Plains, where he knew the woman had traveled.

When Hudson returns without the gunslinger but with her weapon, Hibok undertakes its repair. He tasks Hudson with recovering adamantine from the Darklands below Kraggodan. With the rare skymetal in hand, Hibok repairs the weapon, discovering its name is the Star Cannon. He leaves the weapon in Hudson’s care.​

​Hibok dedicates himself to the war against Molthune. Working with Hudson, he develops technology to aid the dwarves. When Hudson discovers advanced weaponry in the hands of the Molthuni Navy, he conspires with Hibok to have the technology eliminated rather than put it to use against Molthune’s port cities.

Hibok is nevertheless successful in crafting powerful explosive devices for Hudson and Amber. They use the devices to turn Nochen Valmugen’s laboratory beneath Fort Ramgate into dust.​

​Hibok fled Kraggodan with our heroes during the coup. He established the Adamantine Forge in Fort Ramgate, where he began to greatly expand his craft and research the nature of the technology brought to him by Hudson Graves. He became a master of technology over the intervening years, even going so far as to develop a firearms foundry within his forge, with which he equipped the guards of Fort Ramgate with muskets and pistols.. Amber Wallace eventually joins him at his shop to be his apprentice, and the two seek to develop ways to repair the Titanis’ most advanced systems and restore it to its full power.​

​Hibok fled Fort Ramgate with Amber after the Apocalypse. He was gravely injured during a battle in Molthune between beasts of the Dark Tapestry and the Molthuni Army. He escaped only through the intervention of an enormous bugbear, Rok the Wary.

After arriving in Scrapwall, Hibok ingratiated himself with Hellion, turning his inventive mind to develop a method of removing Titanis from the fallen spacecraft and carrying the AI across the Numerian desert to the relative safety of Brevoy.​

Hibok Marbleaxe

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