Fire Giant in the Mindspin Mountains


​Hogon is a towering fire giant and a member of the mysterious Watchmen. Making his home in the Mindspin Mountains, he is rarely seen without his giant flaming sword.​


Season One

Hogon saved Orin and Hudson Graves from a band of trolls as they made their way through the Mindspin Mountains to Kraggodan. Before departing from them, Hogon took Orin aside to reveal that the fire giant was a member of a mysterious group known as the Watchmen. Hogon told Orin that the aboleth was operating beneath Kraggodan and spurned the gillman to press onward to the dwarven city and intervene.​

Season Three

Thorgur rescued Hogon from a band of trolls in the Mindspin Mountains, finding the giant’s fire diminished and weakened. Hogon recovered some of his strength in the days to follow, but informed Thorgur that the Watchmen had been killed, and as the last, Hogon’s watch was nearing its end. He instructed Thorgur in the ways of the raging warrior, finally gifting the dwarf his fabled sword, the Sword of On.

Hogon sent Thorgur to reunite with the party in a ball of fire, apparently giving up the last of his flame to do so.​

Episode 71: The Call of Chevaghol – Chapter One

Thorgur spotted a younger Hogon amongst the Watchmen in Castle Ouroboros.


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