Hudson Graves

Human Gunslinger


Hudson Graves is a skilled gunslinger, pilot of the Titanis, and a wanted man by the Technic League. A hero of the Dead War, he helped save Kraggodan from the terrors in the Darklands.


Hudson Graves was raised in the town of Torch, Numeria, until his parents were murdered under mysterious circumstances. He fled the town shortly after.

After rescuing Amber Wallace from the forces of Molthune during the Dead War, Hudson Graves discovered that Amber’s own village, somewhere southwest of Starfall, had also been attacked and destroyed, perhaps by the same assassins that killed Hudson’s parents. He also learned that Rond Wolfe was his uncle, and that Amber and Rond had fled to Torch shortly after his parent’s death to search for Hudson’s father.

Events of Dragon Watch

Season One

Hudson came to Kraggodan with fellow travelers Kelvennan Duskwalker and Orin. He had been traveling with the former for some time, and he had met the latter in the Mindspin Mountains, when they had been attacked by mountain trolls. Ever keen to find adventure, Hudson was nonetheless surprised to meet someone else with a mind for Hudson’s strange weaponry: the dwarven gunsmith Hibok Marbleaxe. Hibok claimed to have met another gunslinger in Kraggodan not too long before Hudson’s arrival. While investigating orc incursions in the Foothills, Hudson discovered a damaged rifle, with strange lettering, that he took to Hibok for repairs.

While exploring Nar Voth, Hudson and Co. were pursued by a strange golem who appeared to be targeting Hudson specifically.

During the war with Molthune, he led the 4th Skeltic Brigade with Mera Corby to a string of victories against trolls and orcs in the Mindspin Mountains.

Season Two

He fought in the Battle of the Thunder Plain with Bradoc Skyking. He traveled to Skelt to aid in its liberation. There he found more traces of the female gunslinger he had been pursuing since coming to Kraggodan, discovering that she had murdered a member of the Canorate Covenant, the rider Vomek, but had been captured by their leader, General Habbraxis.

During the battle with Habbraxis, Hudson dueled and defeated the elven archer, Goleguil.

He rescued Amber Wallace afterwards, who had been kept prisoner by the Covenant. Although she did not trust him initially, she decided to stick with the party at least during their stint in Skelt. He returned her revolvers to her, Castrovel and Akiton, and she insisted he keep the Star Cannon, insisting it was not really hers anyway. She then warned Hudson that gunslingers like them were being hunted by a powerful, technologically advanced group of assassins. When described to her, she believed the golem that had pursued the party in Nar Voth may have been an agent of this group.

Amber Wallace also revealed that Hibok’s mentor, Rond, had not died of an illness but a poison, administered by this same group.

Season Three

Hudson obtained the Man in Black’s meeting location from the Technic League’s bounty hunter, still a prisoner of the group. After scouting the area where the two were supposed to meet, Hudson then led his allies to spy on the Man in Black. The meeting was short-lived, when the bounty hunter revealed Titanis to the Man in Black, and Orin opened fire on the hunter with a retaliatory spell. Hudson managed to escape to the Titanis with his companions, and he was able to destroy on the Riders in Black with the air ship’s weapons – but his nemesis eluded him.

Hudson slew the Golka Council’s corrupt Conqueror during the expedition to the Golushkin Mountains.

After the Initiative’s confrontation with Chevaghol beneath Illmarsh, Hudson determined to learn more about the technology he had been discovering, not the least of which was the airship, Titanis. He traveled to Fort Ramgate to study technology and crafting under the dwarven gunsmith, Hibok Marbleaxe, at the Adamantine Forge.​ Yet these studies were interrupted by news that Crystalhurst had gone silent since the war. Investigating with Thorgur and Amber Wallace, Hudson found his old companion, Kelvennan Duskwalker, the only apparent survivor of an attack on the druid village. When Hudson learned that the Technic League had been behind the devastation – led by the Man in Black in particular – he set out with renewed determination to find the Man in Black and stop him. Following Kel’s lead to Korholm, where he had last been with the League, Hudson led our heroes on his hunt. In Korholm, he and his allies learned of the Technic League’s movements across Lake Encarthan, and rightly surmised their eventual goal: Starfall, in distant Numeria, with Kel’s captured eidolon, Malam, in tow.

Hudson led his friends to Hajoth Hakados, at the southern border of Numeria, in the Titanis, where they hoped to head off the League on their way back to Starfall. They found the League just east of the city, and in the ensuing battle, Hudson put down a second Rider in Black, the female he had seen before in their encounter at the Thunder Plains outside Kraggodan. Malam was saved, albeit temporarily, and Hudson returned to Hajoth Hakados victorious. Yet it was a bittersweet victory, for Malam died soon after, weakened from his experience and the magicks of the League’s arcanists. When he brought news of the victory to the mayor of Hajoth Hajados, Lady Altouna, Hudson’s victory was given new meaning. Lady Altouna had been close to Hudson’s parents, so close that his father had left her his guns before departing for a quieter life in Torch. Lady Altouna gave Hudson the revolvers, and left Hudson with a final piece of news: the Man in Black was close, making his way alone to Starfall across the Numerian wastes. Hudson would have his chance to confront the Man in Black at last.​

Hudson Graves

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