Kelvannan Duskwalker

Half-Elf Summoner


Race: Half-Elf Class: Summoner Age: 29 years Physical Description: Abilities: Kel is never seen without his trusty eidolon, Malam, whom he rides into battle.


Season One

Kel met his mentor, Zandak Buto, in Nar Voth.

Season Two

Kel traveled with the party to Skelt, where he fought against the Molthuni. He played a pivotal role in the liberation of Skelt's mills, where he trapped hordes of zombies using create pit, buying the party time to deal with the other threats. Kel departed from the party afterwards and did not meet them again until they came to Crystalhurst, where Kel discovered that his eidolon, Malam, was actually the founder and spiritual guide of the Watchmen.

​Season Three

Kel and Malam were captured by the Technic League during their attack on Crystalhurst. Kel escaped their grasp as the League journeyed through Molthune. Weakened by his separation from Malam, he returned to Crystalhurst to bury the dead, only to fall prey to fungal growths who had infested the dead bodies of the druids. He was saved again, this time by Hudson Graves and Thorgur Fireborn, whereupon he revealed his tale to the group. He begged Hudson to help him track down the Man in Black and rescue Malam from his clutches.​

Kelvannan Duskwalker

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