Gillman Wizard, Archmage of Tzim'chevaghol


​A gillman wizard from the underwater city of Tzim’chevaghol, Orin left his homeland long ago to find a way to save his people from the aboleth.​


​Orin was born and raised in the gillman underwater city of Tzim’chevaghol, where he worshipped the aboleth, Chevaghol.

During his deceased grandfather’s rite of passage from the mortal world, Chevaghol emerged to pass her gift on to Orin, as she had done for his grandfather at one time. Orin lost consciousness during the encounter, however, and was therefore unaware that Chevaghol was unable to complete the ritual.

Although no one spoke to Orin of what had occurred, his brother, Shalako, was aware of the council’s disdain for the gillman. He encouraged Orin to leave and seek answers elsewhere, thus sparing Orin the sentence of exile he might have otherwise received.

Orin thus came to the surface world, and far from the influence of Chevaghol, he came to realize the doom the aboleth represented for his people. He resolved to fight for his people’s freedom at all costs, and he has stopped at nothing to oppose the aboleth and her alien will.​

Events of Dragon Watch


While traveling through Pangolais in Nidal, Orin took on a job from a noble family to investigate the disappearance of their daughter, married to Baron of Karpad. Orin took the job, joining with fellow adventurers Nathanos, Mozzy, and Kara. There Orin and his companions uncovered the mystery of the Midnight Mirror. While searching for clues, Nathanos recovered a strange artifact that he gave to Orin

Season One

Orin and the catfolk decided to travel east to Tamran, and on their way there they were confronted by the fire giant, Hogon. Hogon tested Orin and his friends in battle, later revealing himself to be a member of a group of warrior protectors known as the Watchmen. Hogon warned Orin of a darkness stirring beneath the dwarven kingdom of Kraggodan, in southern Nirmathas.

Orin diverted to Kraggodan alone but was soon joined by a pair of adventurers in the region: Hudson Graves and Kelvennan Duskwalker. The trio found their way to Kraggodan, where Orin found himself embroiled in a brewing war between the dwarves and bands of orcish warriors, while also meeting and allying with Panera and Astrid Medvyed. While investigating the orc invasion, Orin was confronted by another Watchman, Katsutoshi Hayashi, who demanded Orin answer for his past loyalties to the aboleth. Orin then revealed to his companions the threat the aboleth posed, having the potential to dominate Orin’s mind, but also Orin’s determination to stop the aberrant creature.

During an audience with King Iogan Greathammer, Orin was attacked by a serpentfolk assassin from the Darklands. He was saved by his companions.

After Astrid slayed the shoggoth in Kraggodere, the strange artifact Orin had recovered activated, causing Orin to ascend to mythic power. Here, Katsutoshi revealed the artifact was in fact Dragon Watch, and it had chosen Orin for this power.​

Season Two

His brother, Shalako, came to Kraggodan shortly before the Battle of the Thunder Plain with a small army of gillman. Orin led Shalako and the gillman to victory during the battle. Afterwards, he traveled to Skelt to participate in its liberation. In battle there, he destroyed the skeletal mount of the Canorate Covenant rider, Vomek.

During the confrontation at the Town Hall, Orin discovered that Indilas the elven noble was actually Nochen Valmugen.

During the climactic battle against the dread wraith, Orin used his mythic lightning bolt to finally destroy the creature. When they fought Agard Habbraxisand his allies shortly thereafter, Orin single-handedly defeated the Canorate Covenant sorcerer, Hardo.

Orin participated in the Battle of Tamran along with the Avengers of Azlant, his gillmen brethren. He also faced Nochen Valmugen beneath Fort Ramgate and aided his allies in their victory against the lich. His valor at the Battle of Tamran won his people the right to settle in Lake Encarthan from Nirmathas, and they founded the House of the Rising Tide thereafter.​

Season Three

​Orin learned of a skum tribe besieging a city of tritons in Avalon Bay. He tasked his brother, Shalako, with scouting the area in preparation for an assault on the skum.

Orin slew half of the Golka Council with his magic during the Golushkin Mountains expedition, helping to end the corruption that had taken root there.

Afterwards, he applied to the arcane school in Absalom for wizard training. He was accepted – though for a class not starting until three years hence.

When he learned that the aboleth’s skum allies in Avalon Bay were protected by a magical ritual sourced in Illmarsh, he dispatched gillmen to investigate. They disappeared mysteriously while there. Upon learning this news, Orin led our heroes on his own expedition to the town to investigate. There, he was dismayed to discover the citizens of Illmarsh caught up in the worship of the aboleth. Initially determined to destroy the entire village, if necessary, Orin was talked down by his companion, Thorgur.

Allowing the dwarf to convince him to take a more peaceable route, Orin continued his investigations within the city. When he did at last find his gillmen allies – executed at the hands of Hagen, an awakened gillman from Tzim’chevaghol – Orin’s anger was unassailable even by Thorgur. He humiliated the priests of the Church of Azlant and opened the path to the Crypts of Dagon, where the hidden ritual lay. There, Orin and his allies were able to defeat the Apostate Gharol and stop the ritual.

Whether it was a trap or a mistake, Orin and his allies would never know – but once the ritual ended, Chevaghol herself emerged. She quickly incapacitated Orin and his friends and confronted the gillman directly. When Orin proved, even still, unwilling to serve with or for the aboleth, she attempted to kill him and his companions. She nearly succeeded, but for the intervention of the triton, Theophania.

Disturbed by his defeat the hands of his hated enemy, Orin grew more determined than ever to obtain the power to destroy her – but whatever means necessary. He traveled to the city of Absalom to train at the Arcanamirium, turning his combat-training over to the full study of the arcane arts. He would become a wizard.​

He completed his training under Magistress Fathom, friend of his mother’s and his old mentor, Captain Abelard Townsend, in five weeks. Shortly after, he rejoined the party to help them pursue the Technic League across Avistan, as they fled with a captive Malam. Yet while attempting to locate the Technic League’s fleeing agents through the Frozen Heart of Orphys, he was instead granted a vision of a distant, undead world. There, he met a strange creature on a throne of bones, who claimed to serve the now-dead lich, Nochen Valmugen. Orin offered his services to the creature in return for aid in destroying Chevaghol, but his contact with this creature was severed before any agreement could be reached.​

Orin traveled with Astrid into the future after she activated the Observatory.​

Season Four

​Episodes 47: A World Moved On – Chapter Two

After arriving in Skywatch, 40 years into the future, Orin was unexpectedly reunited with his father, Arion, whom he had not seen since leaving Tzim’chevaghol as a young man. Orin also received a bit of good news: the aboleth, Chevaghol, was dead in this apocalyptic future. Her eyes, which held her memories and a portion of her power, might even be retrievable from Tzim’chevaghol itself.​

​Episode 58: Children of the Sightless Sea – Chapter Two

Orin helped Astrid undo the magic protecting Iskarel’s corpse, so the woman could drink from the blood. He then took the Initiative to the Ruins of Tzim’chevaghol, seeking the Eye of Chevaghol.​

Episode 59: Children of the Sightless Sea – Part Three

Orin convinced a local gillman, Faust, to reconsider his loyalty to the Choir Director’s vain and fruitless worship in the ruins of Tzim’chevaghol. He encouraged the sorcerer to take the lead in the Director’s (permanent, violently enforced) absence.

​h4. Episode 70: Forgelight – Chapter Six

Hudson attempted to summon Orin to aid the Initiative during their battle with the Whisperer in Forgelight. Orin, however, did not appear.​

Episode 71: The Call of Chevaghol – Chapter One

Orin left the Initiative after returning to the past, declaring he had no interest in fighting Chevaghol.


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