Umbrath the White


Umbrath the White is an ancient dragon and claims to be one of the Rostland Astronomers, a group mentioned in the annals of Brevoy’s Observatory. Our heroes met Umbrath in a mindscape while traveling through the Awzera Fen.


​Arrival and Dragonflight

Umbrath came to Golarion with the rest of the Rostland Five. Like the others, he dedicated his time on Golarion to the pursuits that interested him the most – in this case, the deep, rich ley lines of magic that ran deep through Golarion and its surrounding star system. He constructed his roost offworld, to better keep his vigil.

Before her death, Umbrath and Iskarel had children. They would become the Iskaron Dragonflight.​

​The Observatory

The astromancy ley line created from Hospiena’s blood seeped down from Hospiena’s Perch, through the Icerime Peaks, and leaked into northeastern Brevoy before disappearing into the Darklands below. When Umbrath realized what was happening, he traced the ley line to Brevoy and constructed the Observatory and its Loci.

Keying off the energies of the ley line, Umbrath’s Observatory allowed for incredibly precise observations of the movements of distant stars, even beyond that detectable by a lunar dragon in its prime.

It was through these observations that Umbrath detected the work of the aboleth, stirring the Starstone that would cause Earthfall, though he did not realize the originator of the work.

Umbrath abandoned the Observatory after Earthfall.​


Umbrath fell prey to the Iskaron Zygomind, but he was rescued by the Initiative. He traveled with them to Port Ice, Skywatch and eventually Castle Ouroboros, where he lent his aid in the fight against Malam the Elder. Seizing upon an opportunity made by Astrid’s attack, Umbrath dealt a mortal blow to the time dragon, suffering a mortal wound in the process.​


Umbrath the White

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