Lord Regent of the Black Tower


​The graveknight Valourax serves Nochen Valmugen and rules the citadel of Orphys on Eox in his stead. The owner of the Frozen Heart of Karus, Valourax called to Orin as the gillman used the Frozen Heart of Orphys. When Orin came to him in the post-apocalyptic future of Golarion, Valourax declared Orin master of the heart, and promised to serve him accordingly.​

Season Two

Orin’s use of the Frozen Heart of Orphys leads him to encounter a strange, undead knight in a distant Black Citadel. The knight seems keen to offer Orin a deal, but they never complete the conversation.​

Season Three

Orin returns to the Black Citadel using the Frozen Heart of Orphys in the future. He finds the same black knight encased in ice. The knight frees himself then bows before Orin, naming him master of the Frozen Heart. The creature then names himself Valourax, and promises his aid to the gillman.​



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