Dragon Watch

Episode 72: Call of Chevaghol - Chapter Two

14 Gozran 4727


​The party prepared themselves aboard the Titanis, still in orbit around Golarion, but now 20 years in the past: Hudson Graves, Thorgur Fireborn, Rhodin Skyking, and Kelvanan Duskwalker. The aboleth, Chevaghol, had gathered her allies at Nhuul’agaht, the portal to the Dark Tapestry, and they would have a single opportunity to stop her. If they failed, she would flee or, worse, Nhuul’agaht would open, and Yog-Sothoth would be summoned, leading to the inevitable destruction of their world.

They had no time to waste. Rhodin and Kel set about girding themselves and their allies with magic, and Hudson distributed potions of invisibility, so the group could position themselves as needed among Chevaghol and her allies without alerting them. With their plan in place, and preparations set, Kel activated his teleportation arcana, and they were off.

They appeared immediately in a cavern, lit only by the Sightless Gate itself – a massive portal set in the stone floor. They found their enemies exactly as Orin’s vision had predicted: Chevaghol, Vellath, a shoggoth, a troll, a qlippoth, and a pair of orcs.

Hudson immediately set out for the gate itself, Seal of Magrim in hand. Invisible to Chevaghol and her allies, it was a simple matter. The seal was placed, and Nhuul’agaht was locked away. The Forgeheart Form was open, and Torag was coming through.

It was time for battle. Kel unleashed his spells, while Thorgur immediately downed the troll then charged the shoggoth – the nearest heavy.

A humanoid form emerged from the dark corner of the earth. Hooded, garbed in a white robe, it moved into the chamber on a thousand legs. Torag charged at the creature, knowing it for what it was – Tawil at’Umr, the avatar of Yog-Sothoth, and the Whisperer in Chevaghol’s own dreams. Tawil at’Umr had led Chevaghol here, and he had come to ensure she succeeded.

With Torag occupied, the battle turned. Vellath the Green took to the air, strafing the party with his void breath. Chevaghol unleashed her mental powers, buckling the party within their very minds. Kel was crippled, then destroyed, as one of Chevaghol’s spells caused his head to literally explode with psychic pain. Rhodin was quick to the half-elf’s side, restoring him with Torag’s light, but the shoggoth had set upon Thorgur and was beginning to consume him whole. Furious, he tore himself from the shoggoth’s innards, only for it to attempt to engulf his allies. With one blow, he struck the shoggoth down with the Sword of On, ending it for good.

Meanwhile, Kelvanan struggled against Vellath, slinging destruction with his arcane powers. Eventually, Vellath succumbed, and collapsed to the cavern floor, all but disintegrated.

Only Chevaghol was left, and the party set about her promptly. Yet even as Kel struck a final blow with a disintegration spell, Thorgur turned his sword against Rhodin. Chevaghol was dead, but soon enough, so was Rhodin. Kel was not finished, however, using a wish to bring him back. Unable to stop Thorgur, who now seemed out of his mind, the party put him down. With a final sigh, Chevaghol’s possessing spirit departed, leaving behind nothing but her own bloody corpse. And one final time, Rhodin imbued Thorgur with the power of Torag, and restored the barbarian to life.

They had won.​


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