Dragon Watch

Episode 73: Epilogue

14 Gozran 4754


Torag defeated Tawil at’Umr, avater of Yog-Sothoth, shortly after Chevaghol’s defeat. He slumped over, however, mortally wounded by the evil god, and turned to crystal before the party’s eyes.

Rhodin and Thorgur carried Torag’s crystalline form through the portal into the Forgeheart Form, where his body was committed to Magrim’s care. They returned to the cavern, and Kel teleported the party back to the Titanis.

The party returned to Golarion. They headed for Fort Ramgate, where Hudson and Thorgur disguised themselves and joined the fighting for Kraggodan’s liberation. 13 years had passed since General Ravenguard staged a military coup, and things were coming to a head.

Ultimately, the battle was successful. Ravenguard surrendered, and was executed. Berbak Lightshammer, Thorgur’s brother, was imprisoned for life. Rarrel Greathammer, so-called Queen-in-Exile, won the proceeding moot, and would go on to declare a moot on her death-bed, ending the hereditary rule that had been honored by the dwarves for so long. Thorgur stuck around long enough to witness his younger self depart for more violent shores. He would never quite be sure if his younger self would find the peace he now had. As for Rhodin, despite his own lineage, he dedicated himself to the clergy at Kraggodan, where he led the dwarves – and duergar, for those willing – in worship and communion of Torag’s memory.

King Choral Rogarvia would go on to honor the memory of the Golka dwarves in the Golushkin mountains. Those Golka dwarves who had foiled Chevaghol’s plot to destroy Skywatch were honored as Saviors of Brevoy, and the mountains were eventually resettled by dwarven colonists from the Five Kings’ Mountains.

Tzim’chevaghol was liberated by Majistra, Shalako, and the rest of the Avengers of Azlant who had sought refuge in Absalom. The city was renamed New Azlant, and went on to experience an era of prosperity – and freedom from the aboleth – unknown in gillmen history. Orin, who would eventually return to this timeline in the year 4754, never did return home, and he was not seen by his old allies or family ever again.

Kel, Thorgur and Hudson eventually went north to aid Numeria and Brevoy in their bid to overthrow the Technic League and defeat the Black Sovereign. The details of that adventure are for another time, but Hudson did eventually find his younger self. He left him a gift in the restored, empowered future Titanis (and a sizable sum of gold), and rode off into his sunset.

After the War of the Citadels, the battle between Numeria and Brevoy, Kel sought out Irthelia, the Iskaron dragon who now possessed the Dragon Watch. He learned that Irthelia suspected her connection to Malam, and revealed his own Dragon Watch to her. Recognizing there was more to the Iskaron bloodline than she had ever suspected, Irthelia asked Kel to join her in a quest for truth. He agreed. They eventually found both Malam and Umbrath, and discovered that Irthelia was herself a solar dragon, heir of Iskarel. Kel himself brought the power of Hospiena the Blue, leading to the reunion of much of the original Rostland Astronomers. Kel spent the rest of his years traveling the timeways with Malam, their friendship restored.

23 years later, Astrid did arrive in Rogarvia, where she was greeted by her mother, as before, as well as her father, who had found hope to survive his new future and be reunited with his daughter. But the reunion did not end there, as Irthelia returned to Skywatch with her own allies to greet Astrid. With her was Kel, Umbrath the White, and Malam the Violet.

Astrid recognized Malam, surprised at finding him so quickly. “Hello Astrid,” he said. “You and I are overdue for a long conversation, I think. And for once… we have time.”


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