Dragon Watch

Season 3, Episode 20-21

2 Calistril 4714


Hudson catches the Man in Black outside Hajoth Hakados and learns his true identity: Benjamin Holt, an old gunslinger and ally of Hudson’s parents. Hudson decides to let the Man in Black go in exchange for the location of Astrid’s codex, and the two depart.

Hudson returns to his hometown, Torch, and finds his parents’ names carved into a tree. He adds his initials to theirs. He takes a stone from the burnt foundation of his childhood home, and returns to the party.

Aboard the Titanis, Orin learns the Frozen Heart of Orphys was crafted on a faraway world at the hand of necromancers.

The party flies to Skywatch in Titanis, where they rendezvous with Choral Rogarvia, Aszrogal, and a host of Brevoy soldiers and wizards. Astrid’s codex is complete, and she turns the spell over to Choral and the other spellcasters. Together, they undo the spell around Skywatch and open the city.

Astrid’s lifelong search for answers to her family’s disappearance and her abandonment was nearing its end. She squared her shoulders, took a single breath, then led her friends into the depths of the Observatory.

The party descended a series of stairs, wide enough to allow a full-grown dragon to pass, for several minutes before arriving in the ruins of what was once a beautiful rotunda. A stone mosaic inlaid into the floor had been destroyed in some kind of rage – and the giant claw marks in the walls and floor hinted at the identify of who that would be. Scribbled on the walls were the signs of the unrest – the creature appearing to question himself, and questioning the meaning of something our heroes had seen before: the Black Truth.

Whatever the identity of the creature, it was long gone. Our heroes explored a nearby alchemical library. After contending with an errant mithral golem, they collected a few handfuls of gold coin and moved out into the rest of the dungeon.

The next chamber was a spiraling library, where they learned that the red dragonflight of Iskaron had found the observatory and discovered evidence of an impending second Earthfall. To stop it, they bred with humans to unlock astromancy – star magic – finally succeeding with Choral Rogarvia. The dragonflight bonded itself to the human family and helped them unite Brevoy.

Further on, they discovered an astromancy ley line buried beneath the Loci. They defeated its guardians – strange creatures out of a Nightmare – and pressed on to find Ghoriasz. The ancient red dragon had been corrupted by mad dreams, and the Host of the Nightmare attempted to stop our heroes from saving the dragons. Both were defeated, and Ghoriasz revealed that the Dragon Watch could only be repaired with his blood. As the dragon died, Astrid bathed the artifact in his blood, restoring its power.

Back in the Observatory, Astrid inserted the Dragon Watch in the altar, and powered the structure. A portal opened, but not before a Brevoy soldier interrupted them to warn of an approaching army: Numerian, with the Man in Black at its head. Hudson and Thorgur turned their backs on the portal and left t aid the army.

Astrid did not hesitate. She entered the portal, and Orin followed.

The pair found themselves in a Skywatch lit by the shattered remains of the moon. The landscape was irrevocably altered, but before they could assimilate the new scene, they were met by a carriage. And stepping out of the carriage: Viktoriya Rogarvia, mother of Astrid Rogarvia.

Astrid had truly come home at last.


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