Hajoth Hakados



​Known by Mendeven crusaders as the “velvet caress of the north”, Hajoth Hakados is a city of mysteries. While it is a Numerian city with official loyalties to the Technic League, it is also host to refugees fleeing from the League’s persecution. Founded by the Old Gunslingers, Hajoth Hakados maintains a tenuous relationship with the Technic League, one made out of survival rather than principle.

If anything keeps Hajoth Hakados thriving, aside from Lady Altouna’s political posturing and Cythrul’s technologist machinations and mysterious benefactors, it is the vast amount of income brought into the city by crusaders stopping here on their way to Mendev.​


​Hajoth Hakados was founded by the Old Gunslingers to serve as a home and refuge for those persecuted by the Technic League. The Old Gunslingers sought to build a bastion for their philosophy, the Way, to take root and spread.

They ran into problems with the rise of the Technic League, however, and soon Hajoth Hakados was faced with extinction. Several battles between the city and Starfall’s armies left Hajoth Hakados on the brink of destruction. Finally, a careful peace was negotiated – rulership of the city was transferred to an outsider, Lady Altouna, and the Old Gunslinger leaders gave themselves over to the League’s justice. Those who remained fled, seeking refuge elsewhere, while yet hoping their philosophy and way of life would live on in Lady Altouna.

In the years since, Hajoth Hakados has obtained a peace, if tenuous, and reputation granting it leniency from the League. ​

Events of Dragon Watch

Season Three

​Our heroes came to Hajoth Hakados in pursuit of the Technic League. They found the city’s inhabitants and leaders as distrustful of them – a mutual feeling to be sure. Yet they soon learned that the city was in no way an ally to the Technic League. Proving itself a refuge and a resource, our heroes launched their ambush against the Technic League on intelligence granted to them by the city’s mayor, Lady Altouna. After their victory, Lady Altouna revealed her association with Hudson’s parents, who had helped her shape the city into the refuge from tyranny and persecution that it had become.​

Hajoth Hakados

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