Kraggodan Militia


Kraggodan’s standing militia. Committed to the city’s defense.


Put into existence by Farhrud Greathammer after rising to power during the Silver Crusade. Smaller than a typical army, for Kraggodan’s size, they are nevertheless skilled and committed to the defense of her people.

In 4713, Kraggodan entered into the war with Nirmathas against Molthune after Molthune attacked the dwarven city with orcs and Molthuni soldiers.

High General

The High General is supreme commander of the militia, and works directly with the king. The position is currently held by Hadtok Ravenguard.


Commanders direct the militia’s forces in the Darklands, the Hinterlands, and the Mindspin Mountains.

The Anvilguard: The king’s elite guard. Led by Hadtok Ravenguard.
The Anvil Company: Patrol the city. Led by Moli Swordbreaker
The Granite Company: Patrol the plains east of the city. Led by Huho Wyrmbreaker
The Last Light: Patrol the Darklands. Led by Folson Earthbreaker
The Mindspin Hammers: Patrol the mountains west of the city. Led by Bodrut Greathammer

Notable Members

Kraggodan Militia

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