Scrapwall is the name given to the 3-mile-long wreckage of a starship that fell to Golarion thousands of years ago during the Rain of Stars. It is located in eastern Numeria on the Sellen River, south of the port city of Chesed. Following Mountainfall, it became a hub for survivors watched over by the Iron God, Hellion.​


​Hellion turned Scrapwall into a refuge after it assumed its new directives following Unity’s destruction. Scrapwall became a refuge for divine clerics and survivors of the Mountainfall, all in service to Hellion’s message of peace, preservation, and survival. Amber Wallace, Hibok Marbleaxe, and Rok the Wary eventually found their way here following the devastation of Kraggodan and Molthune.

Titanis was brought here by Amber some years later, after she discovered it in the hands of gnoll mutants. The activation of Titanis’ engines during this escape, however, placed Scrapwall on Null Prime’s radar. Thereafter, the city fell under siege to the Black Sovereign’s machine men, the League of Machines, seeking Titanis for Null’s own uses. Although Scrapwall had always been in danger and suffered attacks from the mutants and beasts of the wilds, it’s situation became much worse. Hellion, however, refused to abandon Titanis to the Black Sovereign’s machinations – not only out of a sense of protection for the AI but understanding that in the wrong hands, the power offered by Titanis’ still-functional power core and server blades would prove a devastating boon to the League of Machines.

By the time of Astrid and Orin’s arrival, the situation in Scrapwall had become dire. With Amber and Hibok’s design, Helliion had begun to prepare the city and its denizens for a daring evacuation to Port Ice, across the Glass Sea.​

Events of Dragon Watch

​Orin located the Titanis beneath Scrapwall using the Frozen Heart of Orphys.​ The party traveled there to retrieve the ship, where they learned that Scrapwall was a sanctuary led by the benevolent Iron God, Hellion. When a storm appeared on the horizon, portending the arrival of the terrible Faceless God, our heroes were forced to flee the city, along with the entire populace.


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