The Dragon Watch (item)


Item Description

Aura strong unknown; CL Unknown
Slot none; Weight 1 lb
This dial looks in every way like a slightly worn pocket watch. Closer inspection reveals runes in place of numbers on the face of the watch, and regardless of how fast or slow the minute hand appears to move, a steady ticking sounds from inside the device.

The Dragon Watch gives off an overwhelming aura of magic, but any arcane or divine caster who uses detect magic while studying the artifact is unable to pinpoint the school of magic powering it.


This artifact is currently in the party’s possession and has the broken condition. The minute hand behaves erratically, sometimes pointing like a compass and other times spinning rapidly, out of sync with the ticking.


Originally found by Nathanos in the forest outside Karpad, he handed it off to Orin. It appeared to guide Orin towards Hogon and Katsutoshi when he first traveled to Kraggodan. After Katsutoshi revealed Orin’s ties to a creature known as an aboleth, Orin revealed the artifact to the party and gave it to Astrid for safekeeping. Astrid was later able to (unintentionally) activate it to destroy the shoggoth in Kraggodere.

The Dragon Watch (item)

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