​The Titanis is an airship that was recovered by Hudson Graves and his allies from the lich, Nochen Valmugen. Controlled by an artificial intelligence, also known as Titanis, the airship is capable of overland flight up to 600 mph​. It was lost by Hudson during the Apocalypse, but eventually recovered by Amber Wallace.


​The Titanis was part of the fleet of interstellar ships that crashed on Golarion during the Rain of Stars. It was buried deep within a mountain near the Shining River, underneath what would one day be known as the city of Skelt.

Nochen Valmugen, as part of his war plans for the Dead War, made retrieval of the craft one of the objectives of the Dead War. Soon after General Agard Habbraxis took control of Skelt during the subsequent war, he began working into the mountain to achieve this end. The craft was recovered and teleported to the Lich’s Sanctum shortly before Hudson Graves and his allies discovered Habbraxis’ camp and fought the general.​

Events of Dragon Watch

Hudson discovered the Titanis beneath Nochen Valmugen’s lab in Fort Ramgate. The ship appeared to validate Hudson’s presence and identified itself to him as Titanis, an artificial intelligence and airship.​

Hudson learned more of Titanis’ capabilities and nature as he piloted her. ​

​The Titanis sustained major damage during the Battle of Skywatch, but Hudson was able to use her effectively during the War of the Citadels. He was separated from the ship during the destruction of the Silver Mount, and he was unable to find her in the apocalyptic aftermath.

Using the Frozen Heart of Orphys, Orin discovered Titanis was still intact and being held beneath Scrapwall. ​​The party mounted a rescue, only to discover that it was not being assaulted at all. In fact, Amber Wallace and Hibok Marbleaxe had recovered it from a gnoll camp and brought it to Scrapwall. They were dismantling the now-useless ship in order to recover the AI and transport her to Brevoy.

Episode 71: The Call of Chevaghol – Chapter One

Droskar rebuilt Titanis under the direction of Magrim and Torag, his final work and penance for his loss of faith. With Titanis restored, the Initiative was able to achieve orbit over Golarion, and enter Castle Ouroboros. They used the Dragon Watch aboard Titanis to travel back in time, bringing the ship with them into their new timeline.


ranged 2 vehicle-mounted railgun (6d10); 4 plasmathrower cannon (4d6 electricity and fire)
hit points 750; hardness 10

​The Titanis is equipped with two double-barreled plasmathrower cannons, operated by the pilot or gunners operating in the dorsal and ventral gun bays, as well as a double-barreled vehicle-mounted rail gun operated from the cockpit.​

Bio Sensors Titanis can detect biological and radioactive sources up to 50 miles away.

Capacity Titanis’ full crew compliment is 7: one pilot, two gunners, two science officers, a medic, and an engineer.​

Speed 50-600mph, 5-600 charges/hour
​At a full charge and under optimal conditions, the Titanis can fly 100mph for an average of 8 hours a day, before it’s power generator will be drained. Titanis herself prefers to rest every day, so she can maximum her distance if needed.

At a full charge, Titanis can fly 4,000 miles at 100mph before needing a recharge or 600mph for 3 hours.

She can hover for 10 days in atmospheric conditions.​

Lab Titanis 2.0 has a military lab on board for the creation of technological equipment, arms and armor.


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