​Though Molthune is ruled from Canorate, Korholm is the seat of Molthune’s Imperial Army. The gateway to Molthune on the coast of Lake Encarthan hosts a proud people, unsullied by the horrors of war, eager to enforce their worldview on the wild rangers of Nirmathas.​


​Korholm is the gateway to Molthune, the seat of the First General Lord, and home to Molthune’s most elite soldiers. Located at the mouth of the Nosam River, Korholm is also Molthune’s largest port on Lake Encarthan. Soldiers and officers bound for the war against Nirmathas drill here. The city’s entrance by land is the great Green Gate, which leads to a wide avenue that runs to the Hall of Governance at the city’s center. Korholm’s western third, the Arsenal District, houses the city’s soldiers.​


​The Dead War
Korholm participated in the war against Nirmathas as passionately as any city in Molthune. General Lord Duraga Steelsworn conducted a campaign in northern Nirmathas, fighting rangers across the Nirmathan plains and forests. His campaign was largely successful, but his soldiers were summoned back to Molthune after the fall of Fort Ramgate, as the allied armies of Nirmathas stood poised to invade the heart of Molthune. With Imperial Wizard Nochen Valmugen’s machinations revealed to the General Lords in Canorate, there was little taste for further war.

Korholm was ambivalent about the peace treaty that followed. Although the Imperial Army despised Nochen’s behavior and his manipulations of Canorate, there are many in Korholm who still believe Nirmathas should be rightfully ruled by Molthune.​

Season Three

​Our heroes came to Korholm briefly during their pursuit of the Technic League, following one of Kelvennan Duskwalker’s leads. They met with a rather cold reception by the populace, who recognized them as the Nirmathan heroes of the Dead War. They nevertheless negotiated their way to speak with General Lord Duraga Steelsworn, who gave them the leads they needed, and the excuse to leave town without further fuss.​


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