The Skykings




​The Skykings are proud, strong, and of the sword. They have a long and established military history, and aside from their misguided war against the Hold of Belkzen, they rarely lose the fights they get into. Whether war comes for Kraggodan or not, the Skykings will stand firm in defense of their people. They see action as strength, and while diplomacy has its uses, they are quick to back their words with dwarven steel.​


​The Skykings are a dwarven family who reside primarily in Kraggodan, although they have a few branches in Highhelm as well.​


​The Skykings came to power after a series of bitter struggles and violent moots in Kraggodan’s early days. They ruled for nearly 10,000 years, leading Kraggodan to victory against the orcs and other threats to the dwarven kingdom. During the 2000’s and 3000’s, the Skykings began to slowly expand Kraggodan’s military might and reach, and by the time of the Shining Crusade, they had led Kraggodan to a wide variety of wars throughout the Inner Sea.

During the Shining Crusade, they lost the throne during the 12th Kraggodan Moot to the Greathammers.​


  • ​Bradoc Skyking: Bardoc was a bit of a bully as a child, but when the weakling Gorin stood up to him, he changed is tune. He began to work hard to defend family and his people. He eventually joined the militia. He worked through the ranks, refusing promotion for his family’s position, until he became a lieutenant. Bradoc perished during the Battle of Fort Ramgate at the hands of a drow assassin.
  • ​Dalores Skyking: Dalores Skyking is the wife of Vastan. She is cunning, underhanded, and intelligent. She will unseat the Greathammers at any cost. ​
  • ​Nammir Skyking: Nammir Skyking is the oldest son in the family. He sees the Greathammers as rivals, and cares little for the commoner. He is a proud dwarf.​
  • ​Simki Highcliff: Simki Skyking is a cousin whose family left Kraggodan for the Five Kings after the war long ago. He is viewed a simpering idiot by most, but he sees himself as Nammir’s second (which Nammir tolerates, if barely). ​
  • ​Vastan Skyking: Vastan Skyking is the oldest and most powerful Noble in the Skyking family now. He is a bitter and conniving man, and he wants the throne of Kraggodan back at all costs. ​
  • ​Yusa Skyking: Yusa Skyking is the eldest daughter of the Skykings. She holds much influence over families and business in Kraggodan, as she maintains many relationships, mostly through the power of coin.​


Book One: For Skyking and Country

​Book One: For Skyking and Country
Bradoc Skyking makes fast allies with our heroes, and together they unravel a Molthuni conspiracy with an orcish tribe to wage war on Kraggodan. The rest of his family tries to convince our heroes to ally with them during a moot.​

Book Two: Death in the Family

​Book Two: Death in the Family
Bradoc Skyking is killed during the Battle of Fort Ramgate, prompting Vastan to call for the 13th Kraggodan Moot.​

Book Three: The Moot

Vastan Skyking’s call for a moot is approved by the noble houses, and he begins to vie for the throne against the Greathammers. During a moot council, Thorgur Lightshammer reveals that the Skykings run a criminal empire in Kraggodan.​

The Skykings

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